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Since 1901 Columbia Steel has manufactured wear parts for mining equipment that mine operators depend on to solve problems, increase productivity and minimize downtime. Through innovation, superior alloy selection and working closely with our customers, Columbia Steel has built a solid reputation as a trusted mining wear parts manufacturer in Australia and around the world.
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World Leader in Dragline Chain

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Our stronger, longer lasting chain makes us a major vendor to operators of large draglines in the mining of coal, lignite and phosphates.

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Crusher Wear Parts Designed to Last

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We offer the broadest range of styles and designs of any company in the industry, including gyratory, cone, jaw, roll, hammermill and impact crushers.

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Your Dealer, 2MT Mining Products

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With over 37 years combined experience in Australian mining industries, 2MT can provide you with the best mining wear part solutions.

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Have Questions? Contact Us

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Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we’ve been serving the needs of industry worldwide for over a century. Let us help you be more productive!

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