Columbia Steel has grown with the mining industry by engineering innovative new dragline components to improve production, give longer wear life, and yield lower operating costs. We can design and manufacture complete dragline rigging packages for all bucket styles. The products shown here are just a few of the many examples we have developed at the request of mine maintenance engineers. We are always ready to listen to your ideas. And every Columbia dragline part is guaranteed for fit, performance and customer satisfaction.

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Dragline Chain

Dragline Chain[/custom_frame_left]

From field studies we’ve noticed that most chain wear occurs at link contact areas. The solution: Columbia Steel’s integrally cast XtraLife™ chain with extra crutch material for extra long life. It’s made from our H-alloys for excellent abrasion and impact resistance.  And for even longer life, try our Xtend Process™ high carbide overlay.
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TwistLink® Chain

[custom_frame_left] TwistLink Dragline Chain[/custom_frame_left]

Columbia’s patented TwistLink chain can provide improvements in either hoist or drag applications. It’s made from the same tough alloy as our regular chain, but with a weight reduction of up to 18%. Features include an increased surface area in bite region and increased cross-sectional strength. Repair links are available.
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Dump Blocks

[custom_frame_left]Armor Block Dragline Dump Blocks[/custom_frame_left]

We manufacture dump blocks for a variety of mining conditions. Columbia Steel’s Armor Block™ is fully enclosed for excellent material exclusion.  Our Bantam Block combines toughness with a lighter weight design.  All our dump blocks include simplified and robust bearing arrangements for efficient and accurate rebuilds.
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WedgeOut™ System

[custom_frame_left]WedgeOut dragline rope socket and wedge system[/custom_frame_left]

When a safety-conscious customer developed a new socket and wedge system, Columbia Steel was excited to help bring it to market.  Conventional removal requires heavy hammering.  In contrast, our WedgeOut system uses simple hydraulics to do the job with fewer people, fewer hazards, and less downtime.
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Ferrule Sockets

[custom_frame_left]Dragline Ferrule Rope Sockets[/custom_frame_left]

Columbia Steel’s simple ferrule dump socket design eliminates labor and time intensive removal and re-roping of wedges. With an up to a 50% reduction in weight over conventional socket and wedge systems, our sockets help reduce overall rigging package weight.
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Mechanical Arch Anchors

[custom_frame_left]Mechanically Attached Anchor Brackets for Dragline Bucket Arches[/custom_frame_left]

Bracket change outs are easy and efficient with this one time base installation design by Columbia Steel. Mechanically attached anchor brackets eliminate welding and cutting on the arch.  Extra material at the top of our bracket reduces rope fouling, and our bolt protection feature prevents shearing.
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EZ RigLok® Pin Locking System

[custom_frame_left]EZ RigLok Pin Locking System for Draglines[/custom_frame_left]

Safety and efficiency are combined in our mechanical pin locking system. You’ll get better wear than conventional fixed pin designs with EZ RigLok’s floating pin and manganese bushing assembly.
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Dragline Rigging and Parts October 3, 2011