Mechanically attached arch anchors for dragline buckets make bracket change outs easy and efficient

When it comes to cutting downtime and cutting costs, every little bit helps. Our mechanically attached anchor brackets do their part by with a one-time base installation design.

Mechanical Arch Anchors for Dragline Bucket Arches

Benefits include:

  • Bolt protection design prevents shearing.
  • Welding and cutting on the arch for subsequent changeouts is eliminated.
  • A universal base that can be trimmed to meet the contour of varying arches.
  • Reduced rope fouling, thanks to extra material at the top.

Both male and female versions of this bracket are available. You can attach these anchor brackets yourself, or ask your dragline bucket O.E.M. for them on your next order.

Fasteners are common and easy to replace at time of change out if necessary.


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