Our innovative dump block designs mean there’s one that’s right for your dragline

Opposite Plane (OP) Blocks

The OP Dump Block connection orientation allows for a single swivel link connection. This reduces the number of pin connections, stock pin inventory and overall rigging weight.

Easy-to-adjust, easy-to-rebuild Armor Block is fully enclosed for excellent material exclusion

Our Armor Blocks are compatible with the ferrule socket system. You can pass a wire rope ferrule end through an assembled dump block — no more disassembling for changing out ropes.

Armor Block Dragline Dump Blocks

Tighter (sheave/side-frame) mating also helps to guide rope and exclude dirt. The weight is similar to standard dump blocks, providing no or minimal impact on your cost per ton.

Bearing assembly features and benefits include:

  • Easier adjusting means easier rebuilding
  • Grease only once at initial build and at rebuild times
  • Uses (sealed/dual row) tapered roller bearings
  • Able to endure rough service environments
  • Larger size than standard dump block bearings means longer service life

Bantam Block combines fewer pounds with a tough attitude

Same-plane and opposite-plane versions of this dump block are available. Both designs use standardized pin lengths and diameters, with eccentric bushings at the pin holes.

Bantam Block dragline dump blocks

Our design includes a simplified and robust bearing arrangement for more efficient and more accurate rebuilds. Features include:

  • Reduced weight — weighs in at approximately 2 metric tons
  • Sheave rope groove geometry complies with wire rope industry guidelines
  • Increased dump rope life when moving from a 48″ to a 60″ block
  • Accepts ferrules without disassembly
  • Available for most pin and rope sizes
  • Uses a mechanically sealed bearing assembly

All Columbia Steel dump blocks are designed, manufactured and assembled in house, with the following benefits for your operation:

  • High strength steel construction
  • Astralloy® shafts
  • Timken® Bearings
  • Machined lock nuts with seals
  • Cast nut protection


All Columbia Steel parts are guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.