Columbia Steel’s product engineers are experts in designing crusher wear parts to increase production throughout the life of the part, and to increase overall wear life. We regularly improve crushing surfaces to handle oversize material, break slabbly material, and reduce recirculation, resulting in better overall plant performance. Few other manufacturers give you so many choices of existing or custom designs to meet your needs.

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Gyratory Wear Parts & Accessories

Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts[/custom_frame_left]

Our engineers design gyratory wear parts to solve your real-life production problems: poor nip of feed material, excessive wear in the lower crushing chamber, poor production from partially worn parts, excessive wear metal discard costs and issues with uneven or localized wear.
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Jaw Crusher Plates

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts[/custom_frame_left]

Columbia Steel offers more jaw crusher plate styles than any manufacturer in the industry. Our customers have proven that choosing the right jaw plate design for the job can make a dramatic difference. We have case histories in which wear life increases of 50% are common, and some in which wear life increased up to 300%.
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Cone Crusher Liners

Cone Crusher Wear Parts[/custom_frame_left]

OEM parts are based on average conditions — and few crushers work under “average” conditions. That’s why we make bowl liners and mantles in many styles for all popular cone crushers. For example, our Increased Feed Opening Relief Bowl Liners (IFOR) feature reliefs near the feed opening to reduce recirculated material and increase production.
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Xtralloy 24% Manganese Steel

Xtralloy 24% Manganese Steel[/custom_frame_left]

Xtralloy is significantly higher in carbon and manganese content than conventional Hadfield’s manganese steel, resulting in excellent wear resistance and reliability. The extra effort and skill required to manufacture it has proven worthwhile, as Xtralloy has been the crusher operators’ premium wear material of choice for over 20 years.
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Crusher Wear Parts October 3, 2011