For efficient and safe wedge removal, try the WedgeOut hydraulic system for dragline rope sockets

When a safety-conscious customer developed a new dragline rope socket and wedge system, Columbia Steel was excited to help bring it to market.

WedgeOut hydraulic wedge removal for dragline rope sockets
Keep it simple, and keep it safe

Conventional wedge removal requires heavy hammering — a manpower-intensive and potentially dangerous process.

In contrast, our WedgeOut system uses simple hydraulics to do the job with fewer people and fewer hazards:

  • Small hydraulic cylinder releases wedge from socket safely
  • Fast removal means less equipment downtime
  • WedgeOut system is designed to accomodate the variance in wire rope diameter that occurs during normal service
  • System is easy to understand and use

The hydraulic cylinder, shim and hose are sold separately.


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